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<h1>Sororities are<span> born out of Sisterhood</span></h1> <h1>Sacrifice is the <span>greatest form of love</span></h1> <h1>Sisterhood is <span>the Core</span></h1> <h1>Ethel Rambis <span>First Lady of Phi (1978)</span></h1> <h1>Fighting Breast Cancer <span>As One</span></h1> <h1>Sapphire Walk <span>Foundation</span></h1> <h1>Women <span>in History</span></h1> <h1>Service to Others<span> is the Core</span></h1> <h1>For Black Women, Breast Cancer <span>Strikes Younger : NPR<span></h1>

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships & Awards

Sapphires provide the opportunities for its members to be recognized for their academic accomplishments and demonstrated commitment to serving their surrounding communities.

These recognitions are provided on an individual basis as well as on a chapter basis. Nominations for such awards and recognitions originate from initiated members, Chapters, Colonies, and or Alumni Chapters. Nominations are turned in to the Governing Council who in conjunction with the National Board of Directors of our brother Fraternity Phi Delta Psi Fraternity Inc., will present each award and or recognition.


Awards and scholarships are available to any Sapphire who has been a member of the organization for at least one full semester.

Nomination Procedures

All nominations are reviewed and winners selected by a committee appointed by the Governing Council and the National Board of Directors of our brother Fraternity Phi Delta Psi Fraternity Inc. Entries are judged based on how closely they match the award and scholarship criteria.


Outstanding Community Service Awards

These awards are given on an annual basis to those members who have exhibited exemplary initiative in creating a community service program and implementing it. Tangible and measurable positive results should be displayed within the target community.

Lady of Phire Award

This award is given on an annual basis to one member who exemplifies the values of our organization. This would be a member that fosters and encourages the spirit of sisterhood on a chapter and national level, displays outstanding academic performance and personifies the importance of service within her organization as well as throughout the wider community.


Ethel Rambis Scholarship

Two scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis to those members that maintain a minimum 3.5GPA and who embodies the values of sisterhood and service to their community.

Lawrence G. Kelly Scholarship

One scholarship will be awarded to a member who demonstrates financial need and maintains a minimum 3.75GPA.

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